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What are the different features and tools available in Kaiber?
What are the different features and tools available in Kaiber?

Kaiber offers a diverse range of features and tools to enhance your video creation process.

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Whether you're a beginner or an experienced content creator, the Kaiber platform is designed to empower you in crafting compelling and engaging videos and unleash the artist within you.

Here are the key features and tools available in Kaiber:


The Animation (prompt-to-video or image-to-video) feature allows you to start your video creation process by entering a written prompt or uploading an image. Kaiber's AI technology then generates a video based on the provided prompt or breathes life into your image. The two Animation tools Kaiber currently offers are Flipbook and Motion.


The Transform (video-to-video) feature enables you to transform your video into a whole new subject or style. Simply input your source video and prompt and let our AI engine reimagine your videos. Learn more about Transform.


Audioreactivity allows you to synchronize your videos with music or audio tracks. Upload your music file and our tech will dynamically adjust the video elements to match the beats and rhythm, adding a visually immersive experience. Currently only available for Flipbook. Learn more about Audioreactivity.


Storyboard is our prompt-to-prompt creation framework that allows you to craft captivating videos with multiple prompt and media inputs as "Scenes." Extend your videos and bring your narratives to life in a whole new way. Learn more about Storyboard.

Camera Movements:

This feature provides you with control over camera movements within your videos. You can choose specific camera angles, pans, zooms, or rotations to create dynamic and visually appealing video sequences.

Upscale Video:

Kaiber offers the capability to upscale the resolution of your videos to 1080p and 4K. This tool enhances the quality and sharpness of your footage, providing a visually enhanced result.

Aspect Ratio Customization:

You have the freedom to choose any aspect ratio for your videos, allowing you to tailor your content for specific platforms or display preferences. Whether it's for widescreen displays or vertical-oriented platforms, Kaiber adapts to your desired aspect ratio.


As part of Kaiber's video generation process, we present "Preview Frames" to give you a sense of what your video will look like. These images are available to download at no additional cost.


Visit the Kaiber Gallery where you can share your masterpieces, get inspired, connect with fellow creators, and refine your prompting skills.

These are just a few of the features and tools available in Kaiber. The platform continues to evolve, introducing new functionalities to meet the diverse needs of video creators.

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