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How do Kaiber credits work?
How do Kaiber credits work?

Credits serve as the currency within the platform, allowing you to access various Kaiber features and tools.

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What are credits?

Credits are used in Kaiber to generate videos. One credit is equivalent to $.02 USD (based on Explorer Tier).

How many credits come with my plan?

A one-time amount of 100 credits is included with a Free trial account. These credits do not expire.

A monthly credit allotment is included with Explorer, Pro, and Artist plans every month or year, depending on your subscription plan. These credits roll over every month/year and never expire.

Monthly credit amounts are as follows:





Monthly credits




Annual credits




How do I get more credits?

If you would like to purchase additional credits, users on Explorer, Pro, and Artist plans may do so by heading to Account > Credits > Select pack. Purchased credits are not available to Free account users. Credits may be purchased at a minimum of 1,000 credits ($15 USD) per purchase.

Additionally, paid subscribers can earn free credits through our Referral Program—if your friend signs up for any Kaiber account – free trial or paid subscription – you'll get 300 credits. Users on Free accounts cannot gain additional free credits through referrals. Learn more about the Referral Program here.

Do credits expire?

No, your credits never expire, regardless of your plan.

What are my credits worth?

The below estimated credit values are based on the Explorer Tier; the cost per credit decreases at higher subscription tiers.

  • Image generation = free to download!

  • 1 second of Flipbook generation = 1 credit

  • 1 second of Motion generation = 4 credits

  • 1 second of Transform 1.0 generation = 5 credits

  • 1 second of Transform 3.0 generation = 7 credits

  • 1080p upscaling 10 seconds of any video = 1 credit

  • 4K upscaling 5 seconds of any video = 1 credit

Please note: all video generations are a minimum of 3 seconds.

What does this look like in practice?

To further expand on how credits work in Kaiber, let's consider an example scenario:

Suppose you want to create a 30-second video using the Transform feature and upscale it to 4K resolution. Here's how the credit calculation would look:

  • Transform generation: Since the video length is 30 seconds, and the Transform 1.0 feature costs 5 credits per second, the total cost would be 5 credits/second × 30 seconds = 150 credits.

  • 4K upscaling: As the video length is 30 seconds and the upscaling cost for 4K is 1 credit per 5 seconds, the total cost would be 1 credit/5 seconds × 30 seconds = 6 credits.

In this example, the total credit cost for the 30-second video with Transform and 4K upscaling would be 150 credits + 6 credits = 156 credits.

Remember, credits are deducted from your account only when the final video appears in your Dashboard, giving you the flexibility to make adjustments or changes before using your credits.

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