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A Deep Dive into Kaiber's Motion
A Deep Dive into Kaiber's Motion

Welcome to Motion by Kaiber, transforming your static text or images into dynamic animations.

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Motion allows creators to simply type in text or upload an image and watch it turn into fluid, attention-grabbing animations.

From Text to Animation

Motion brings to life a new dimension of creativity. Convert your still images or written text into animated content. The power of dynamic animation allows for a level of expression and emotional resonance that goes beyond what's possible with static text or image.

How Motion Works

At the core of Motion is advanced technology that generates animation clips, smoothly transitioning between frames while maintaining the distinct characteristics of the original text.

Guide to Using Motion

On the Kaiber Web Platform

  1. Go to and select “Motion” as your video type.

  2. Select either the 'Just start writing prompt' button or upload an image to start.

  3. Prompt for the subject and style you want to create, or use the preset choices on the right side.

  4. Proceed to 'Video Settings' and set your video length (up to 16 seconds), choose your aspect ratio, and evolve (motion strength) parameters.

  5. Click “Generate preview,” and select one (1) of the four (4) preview frames presented—this will be used as a compositional anchor for the video.

  6. At this step – if you are using pure text-to-video Motion – you can add additional Scenes (10 max) to extend your video up to 160 seconds.

    1. Note: this option is not currently available with image-to-video Motion.

  7. Click “Create Video” and wait for your animation to complete.

  8. Check the progress or access your videos by clicking “My Videos” in the navigation bar.

On the Kaiber Mobile App

  1. Tap the + create button in the app and select the “Motion” animation type.

  2. Choose your starting point—either “Describe your idea” (text-to-video) or “Transform an image” (image to video).

  3. Prompt for the subject and style you want to create, or use the preset choices.

  4. Click “Continue” to set your preferred dimensions and video length (up to 16 seconds) and adjust your evolve settings.

  5. You can return to the subject and style prompts to fine-tune your preview. Once you are pleased, select the best preview frame and tap “Generate.”

    1. Note: currently, Kaiber Mobile does not support Storyboarding to add additional Scenes.

  6. Check the progress or access your videos by clicking the “My Videos” tab.

  7. You can continue creating while your video is being generated.

    1. Tip: make sure you enable notifications from Kaiber to get an alert when your video is ready!


What is Motion by

Motion is a unique feature provided by It lets users convert static text and images into dynamic animations.

What is the length and quality of a Motion video?

Each Motion scene has a duration of 3 seconds minimum and can be extended up to 16 seconds max. With pure text-to-video Motion, you can add additional scenes (10 max) to extend your full video up to 160 seconds. Motion videos are 24 FPS (frames per second).*

How much do Motion videos cost?

Currently, Motion videos are 4 credits per second.* Learn more about credits here.

What ownership do I hold over my creations?

As a paid user, the videos you create are entirely yours, with full commercial rights. You can use these videos for commercial purposes, sell them, include them in your commercial projects, or even use them for advertising. There are no limitations on how you choose to use your videos.

Is there a Kaiber community I can join?

Yes, we highly recommend that all users join the Kaiber Discord Community. It's a space to share your work, find inspiration, and participate in discussions with other creators.

*As of Motion V2’s 12/12/23 launch date.

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