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Transform 1.0 vs. Transform 3.0
Transform 1.0 vs. Transform 3.0

What’s the difference between the two versions?

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Kaiber’s Transform feature allows you to apply an infinite array of stylizations to your video clips, giving you the freedom to tell stories like never before.

What’s the difference between Transform 1.0 and Transform 3.0?

Transform 3.0 is a newer upgraded version, released in March 2024, replacing 2.0 (no longer available). Compared to Transform 1.0, the upgraded version is faster, produces higher-quality outputs, and allows for more stylization.


  • Max length: 4 minutes for Transform 1.0, versus 8 minutes for Transform 3.0.

  • Max resolution: 1280x1280 for Transform 1.0, versus 1024x1024 for Transform 3.0.

  • Max frames per second (FPS): 30 for both.

  • Cost: 5 credits per second for Transform 1.0, versus 7 credits per second for Transform 3.0. Learn more about credits here.

  • Both are available for all Kaiber subscribers to use.

Transform 2.0 has been replaced by 3.0. How do I achieve the same look with the updated model?

Rest assured, to ensure a smooth transition and get a similar look to 2.0; we made 3.0 look similar to 2.0 when the Evolve value is set to the following values:

  1. 3.0’s Evolve=0: will produce a similar look to 2.0’s Evolve=4

  2. 3.0’s Evolve=1: will produce a similar look to 2.0’s Evolve=6

  3. 3.0’s Evolve=2: will produce a similar look to 2.0’s Evolve=8

  4. 3.0’s Evolve=3: will produce a similar look to 2.0’s Evolve=10

Note that these Evolve values will give you outputs similar to 2.0 but with higher render quality.

Which evolve value is the best?

The best value depends on the video input and the prompt, and there’s no one-size-fits-all. We encourage you to try three different values (a low one, a mid one, and a high one). For example, try 0, 4, and 8.

Transform 1.0 vs. 3.0 example outputs.

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