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Motion Brush: Everything You Need to Know
Motion Brush: Everything You Need to Know
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Whether you're a musician looking to animate an album cover, a designer eager to bring graphics to life, or a marketer wanting to create eye-catching ads, Motion Brush offers you the tools to animate specific parts of your images with precision.

Below, you'll find answers to common questions about accessing, using, and maximizing Motion Brush. Dive in to discover how to enhance your creative projects with targeted animations that bring your visuals to life.

What is Motion Brush?

Motion Brush is a feature within Kaiber's Motion 3.0 tool that allows users to selectively animate specific parts of their images with precision. This feature is particularly useful for adding depth and movement to static visuals, enhancing the storytelling impact of your projects.

How do I access Motion Brush?

There are two ways to access Motion Brush:

  • Direct Access in Create Flow: Log in, go to, choose Motion as the video type, upload an image, and proceed through the prompting process. Once you reach the settings page, select “Open in Motion Brush” to start animating specific parts of your image.

  • Using the Motion Brush Template: Log in, go to, and select the "Motion Brush" template. This will automatically set up the environment for you to start using Motion Brush with a preset image and settings.

How does Motion Brush work?

Motion Brush offers two main functionalities for creating animations:

  • Motion Brush: Allows you to ‘brush’ over areas you wish to animate, with adjustable brush sizes from 1px to 50px for fine-tuned control.

  • Select Segmentation: Enables quick selection of larger areas for animation with just a click, ideal for rapid adjustments.

You can also refine your animations with an eraser tool, undo/redo options, and a reset feature to start anew.

What are the best practices for using Motion Brush?

To achieve optimal results with Motion Brush:

  • Use high-resolution images for clearer animations.

  • Focus on animating elements that naturally imply movement (e.g., clouds, water, smoke, liquid, flags, grass, etc.).

  • Ensure your settings in Motion 3.0 are adjusted for the best quality, specifically setting 'Evolve' to 0 and choosing the 'Photorealistic' model to preserve image quality.

Can I control the direction and intensity of the animations?

In the current version of Motion Brush, the tool intuitively determines the direction and intensity of movements based on the selected area and the inherent motion patterns of the subject. However, you can control the overall motion intensity through the Motion settings.

What are the costs associated with using Motion Brush?

Using Motion Brush costs the same as other animations in Motion 3.0, which is 5 credits per second of video. Ensure you have sufficient credits, as free accounts come with a one-time provision of 100 credits, whereas subscription tiers offer monthly or annual credits. Learn more about credits here.

How can I get support if I have issues with Motion Brush?

For any assistance:

What are the technical requirements for using Motion Brush?

Motion Brush is accessible via any modern web browser on Kaiber's platform. No specific system requirements beyond internet access and a Kaiber account are necessary.

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